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finalists (pictured above) would be the frontrunners — the long-running dating series has also been known to have more than a few tricks up its sleeve.

Case in point: When two-time runner-up Nick Viall was chosen as last year's Bachelor over fan-favorite finale, Chris Harrison says they are taking their time with the decision.

He will also be continuing the trend of the first-impression rose getter going on to win the season.

(Other examples: Jordan Rodgers, Shawn Booth, Roberto Martinez.) But even if Bryan doesn't win, the fans really don't seem to like him.

Strause: Eric is an interesting one because he's a bit of a dark horse, both for Rachel and for the Bachelor race.

Remember when they unofficially chose Caila Quinn as the Bachelorette and began filming her season promo, before abruptly choosing the more likable Jo Jo Fletcher instead? Even Luke Pell had his bags packed and was told the night before he was flying to the Bachelor Mansion that they went with Nick Viall instead.

A quick search of his name on social media proves it, so I'd say he's out of this debate. Christina Schoellkopf: I agree about Bryan’s slim chances.

Even on night one he turned fans off with his slobbery first kiss, the first smooch of the season.

Schoellkopf: Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, like Juan Pablo — who even Chris Harrison admitted that he didn’t like.

But even in casting Nick for Schoellkopf: Dean Unglert has scored major points.

The ’s diversity has slightly improved from the last season: three nonwhite men this year compared to only one in 2016.

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