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) with labels (so for example chili packaged in glassware or jars and cornbread wrapped in parchment and a ziplock will be packaged separately then bagged together). Stand alone items (snacks, desserts, soups etc) will be in a different area.I’ll label my freezer shelves and spaces with stickers designating areas for each type of item.This means I can start my postpartum cooking earlier and make more meals (can you see now how this is my version of nesting??? Soups and stews and sauces I can do up to 8 months before we plan to eat them, so that is where I’ll start, probably in mid to late February.Beginning in March, I’ll start on the few casseroles we have planned to make.We got our upright deep freezer on discount as the back had a big dent (it’s against a wall anyhow! If you have the space and can get your hands on a good deal, I think it is a great asset to postpartum meal planning and food storage in general.Besides having more storage space, in a deep freezer things tend to last up to twice as long without having any ill effects like loss of flavor or freezer burn.

Be sure to check out Cheryl’s blog for more inspiration and lots of delicious recipes and join the Healthy Meal Planning group on Facebook for more encouragement and ideas. I’m so excited for so many things, and one of those things is a freezer full of flavorful, home cooked, lovingly made meals.

I think it is essential that every family put as much prep into planning for their postpartum weeks as for their birth or the baby’s room, or maybe even more!

I spent a ton of energy and time planning last time for postpartum, and will do even more next time.

I’m making lists of what I want made, and approximately when I’ll be making it.

Since postpartum planning is something often skimped on in our culture, I’m sharing my thought process to inspire and educate others.

I can already imagine sitting by the pool, watching Noah and daddy splash around or play on the deck while I nurse the baby under the umbrella and dinner cooks.

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