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Considering that the Android operating […] Everyone loves big events at which people have lots of fun.Common examples include live concerts and shows, street parades and sports events like football matches and the Olympic Games.Or we simply don’t trust ourselves: forgetful, harried, disorganised; we’re often not sure where we put our phone and need to find it to get on with our lives.We activate the phone’s features to make it trackable from other devices.Indeed, everyone is excited about the 2012 London Olympics and a lot of people plan to enjoy competitions, ceremonies and entertainment events along with their […] It was unfortunate that the Transport for London, the main regulatory authority for controlling and monitoring the flow of traffic in the city of London, decided not to implement its plan for monitoring mobile phone data while the Olympics 2012 were underway in the city.Proponents of the project for quite optimistic regarding the outcome […] Will I ever need to locate my misplaced phone, given that I always keep my phone with me and take good care of it?Find my i Phone is an app that comes preinstalled on Apple devices running i OS 9.0 and higher.You can download it from Apple’s app store for i Phone models running previous versions of the operating system; however, the app requires your phone runs at least i OS version 8.0.

Irrespective of your reasons, you are on the hunt for the best mobile […] How many times have you panicked not knowing where your mobile phone is?

We know that if they carry a phone we can better keep tabs on them.

We have doubts about the trustworthiness of our spouses, our girlfriends or boyfriends: “Are they cheating on us? If only we can use their mobile phone to monitor their calls, we may consider.

The two tracked the mobile phone to a fellow who was riding a bike along the beach.

Torkelson’s video of the incident shows Schmidgall and the thief punch each other in the face and pull at each other’s clothing.

Finally, Schmidgall pepper-sprays the thief in the eyes, felling the pickpocket.

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