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Its incredibly furled body wants to always be furled.You have to quite literally pull the shaft downward to use it properly, and you can imagine how that feels to the various involved orifices. Conventional wisdom goes that strapless strap-on dildos do their best work when stabilized by a harness, but that’s too simplistic.I couldn’t stand the way it incessantly jammed my cervix. Its matte silicone helped it stay in me, sort of, so that I could thrust without closing my legs, sort of.But I was distracted by the pervasive feeling that it wanted to escape.Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of using this kind of toy? I wore the dildos one by one and had my boyfriend suck me off.The Tango was the only one that wasn’t too large or poorly angled, but it holds zero aesthetic appeal — the nondescript blue silicone shaft in his mouth made me feel like a smurf.

“Ew, the head shape is terrible on this,” they said when I used the Feeldoe More.

I’ve never thought strapless strap-on dildos were the second coming of Christ. I have my Joque harness, I have well-loved strap-on dildos, and I am comfortable combining those things and fucking someone silly.

I’ve never felt like strap-on sex wasn’t “intimate” enough, or like I needed extra genital stimulation in order to enjoy it.

Aerie refused to wear the cervix-punching Tango and became increasingly annoyed with the bulb shape of the Share Vibe, which was bothering their cervix clamping against their vagina — a pressure which intensified with the addition of vibration. When I wore the Share Vibe, I understood immediately: it felt like it was giving me cramps.

I couldn’t bear to keep it inserted for more than a few minutes.

PROBLEM #4: the receiver’s shaft side is too long, too rigid, too boring, too uncomfortable.

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