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You won’t believe how beautiful it will make your face!21 March – Saint Benedict’s Day Saint Benedict’s Day is a holiday which dates so far back that not much can be recalled nowadays.It is men’s duty to do all women’s household chores, and women may leisurely use the time to go to a friend’s place or a café and have a drink.Sweet red drink will make sure your cheeks stay nicely pink for the whole year ahead.On this day it is forbidden to comb your hair, shear sheep and tackle horses up; otherwise you or the animals can get dandruff or scald. However, a more important thing to do on Ash Wednesday is to get up early and go to bed early to prevent the danger of overworking during this year.If you have sinned, this is the time to confess, which has resulted in a folk saying ‘sprinkle ashes upon your head’ i.e. 11 February – Saint Blaise’s Day Setos used to celebrate St Blaise Day like , with a baba cake festival.On this day one had to wake up early and lash those who still sleep with willow branches to make sure that the household is hard-working.And the following tip is for girls who try to embellish themselves with creams and powders: leave willow branches to soak in water several days in advance and use it to wash your face on the morning of Palm Sunday.

It is good time for having your relatives over, and the festive dinner could contain pork, because pigs were especially favoured on St Anthony’s Day.24 February – Saint Matthias’ Day Saint Matthias’ Day is when a lot can be done to prevent snakes and insects from bothering you in summer.Try not to darn or sew, if you can, to make sure that no snake bites you in summer.20 March – Palm Sunday, a movable holiday (on the Sunday before Easter) Nowadays Palm Sundays marks the beginning of the Holy Week.People used to go to church on this day, and teenagers would have their first Holy Communion after Confirmation.

In addition, to keep annoying insects away without using repellents, make a fly out of straw or anything you have at hand, tie a string to it and bring it to the neighbour’s door: this is the way to get rid of buzzing summer nuisance.

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