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Access a ride thinks that this is a joke but its not and its not fair, Can someone help me? So if this happens during a trip how do I navigate 2 flights of stairs if I can barely walk up or down one.

Another issues is I cannot stand long periods of time.

I called and explained to Access-A-Ride that my mother was not feeling well and that she cannot go to 2 Lafayette Street in Manhattan. Access-A-Ride indicated to me that their policy is that if one makes an appointment to go to a certain destination, he/she cannot changed his/her mind to go to another destination for any reason.

Access-A-Ride emphasize that they have to abide by their policy, and that cannot be changed.

They sound really unhappy with there work and it reflects when you speak with them on the phone. I really can't believe that this service can actually do business this way.

They customer service operators give attitude, do not explain things clearly and I have had experiences with them where the phone is hung up even before I finish. On the return, they was suppose to pick me up on 6/1/13 at A. Please note the dates and time (which may have been the confusion) which I made specific when I made my reservation, P. If the tables were turned, and you are not present when they come to pick you up, there are all types of penalties. I always get to them after p.m, what about, : or later.

On our most recent event, They are not punctual at all.

On 5/31/2013 Access-A-Ride was suppose to pick me up to take me from Yonkers, N. i am at the end of the road is there anyone of authority that is willing to help. I called at to confirm the pick up and was told that the driver was indicating that he would be 10 minutes late but that I should call back at which I did.On Wednesday, 09/16/09, my mother made an appointment with Access-A-Ride for Thursday, 09/17/09 at am to go to 1916 Park Ave in Harlem and then from there to 2 Lafayette Street in Manhattan.However, she could not go to 2 Lafayette Street in Manhattan because she was not feeling well.Help reduce risk by managing your company’s enterprise payroll software with Paychex Flex, our human capital management (HCM) software.Scalable to support businesses with as few as 50 employees to those with thousands, and configurable to meet your organization’s needs, Paychex Flex can help your company streamline enterprise payroll and stay up to date with the latest tax rates.

I am extremely upset because they don't think about the well being of the customer, but about policy. Just recently in the rain I was kept waiting an 1 hour over pick up time which includes 30 minute window, over and over I was told the driver would be there in 15 minutes. My husband and myself have been denied twice by Access a Ride. It is painful to walk anywhere because of the neuropathy. People at Access a ride look at you and decide your fate. The majority of the persons using this service are either elderly, disabled or have health issues.

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