Access form table updating

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This allows for the entering of data for multiple Tables from one central location, if you will. In fact, most mulit-table select queries are updateable. Crosstabs and totals queries aggregate data and so they are not updateable because the identity of the individual records is not maintained so there is no way for the query engine to know which record should be updated.

This also extents to queries that join to non-updateable queries. The other category of non-updateable queries is those that are based on linked tables that are not updateable.

The main form has a textbox with a DSUM formula in it. When using this database in Access 2003, the following behavior occured: I have checked out the events available on the subform and there are only 2 of them (On Enter and On Exit). Recalc command in the On Exit event but the person still has to exit the subform to see the update.

If you create a query that joins the customer and enrollment tables, you could create a form that adds/updates records in both tables at once.

But, this is a 1-many relationship so you'll end up duplicating the 1-side data for each enrolment row you add. In any case, a query of the three tables doesn't make sense for maintenance purposes.

there are various ways of dealing with the user interface/look and feel but basically - 3 tables = 3 forms.

if you think about, you need to add a student first.

Then compile to make sure you have the syntax correct, then save and open your form in form view.

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