Acceleration dating clinical trial

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As our solution is completely modular, it is up to you as a sponsor to ultimately pick and choose from our range of system and service features.

These features range from very simple to complex and the scope of your tailored technology program will set the budgetary requirements.

Read more on the various features linked to our offerings in the Platform section.

Clinical researchers today face intense difficulties with managing trial timelines and costs but still remain resistant to reimagining the traditional way to operate a study.

Non-adherence and drop-outs can lead to patient attrition rates as high as 30% in late phase trials.

Trialbee tackles the retention challenge by developing gamified mobile solutions tailored to the motivational needs of trial participants.

At our core we are patient-centric, meaning our main focus is to always meet the needs of the patient.

Trialbee offers pharmaceutical and CRO companies software and online systems for efficient clinical trial planning & management.

We have built a cloud-based platform for enhanced communication and acceleration of clinical trials and we partner with our clients to digitally connect and engage stakeholders across the value chain.

Poor trial design without empirical assessments pointing to a successful outcome result in unacceptable level of failure rates.

Trialbee offers an analytical and digitally driven approach to assess patient feasibility by ensuring appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria and recruitment targeting.

"But we found that there were few differences in these key design features of the trials conducted before or after approval." In 17 out of the 18 completed studies, surrogate measures were still the primary endpoints of the studies.

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