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Then you need to be prepared to take every step necessary to ensure your child's safety and well-being.

For some truly excellent step-by-step tips about how to discuss this difficult topic with your teenager, and specific ways to keep her safe, please read this extremely helpful article about what parents need to know about teen dating abuse.

They tend to seek out vulnerable, insecure individuals as dating partners, and at the beginning of their relationships they may even treat their vulnerable partners rather well.According to Safe Youth.org, studies show that as many as 96% of American teenagers say that they have been emotionally and/or psychologically abused by a dating partner.In other words, almost ALL teens report that they have been emotionally or psychologically mistreated, harmed, stalked, manipulated, or pressured in some way by a dating partner who claimed to love them and to have their best interest at heart.According to Love Is Not Abuse.com, in March of 2006, Liz Claiborne, Inc.partnered with a research organization called Teenage Research, Unlimited (TRU) to study the extent of teen dating violence in today's world.

The findings of this study (which covered all forms of abuse, including emotional abuse), were alarming to say the least.

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