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Depending on the type of close-packing of the grains, porosity can be substantial.

Since their constituent minerals are crystallized from molten material, igneous rocks are formed at high temperatures.The volumetric portion of bulk rock that is not occupied by grains, crystals, or natural cementing material is termed porosity.That is to say, porosity is the ratio of void volume to the bulk volume (grains plus void space).This void space consists of pore space between grains or crystals, in addition to crack space.In sedimentary rocks, the amount of pore space depends on the degree of compaction of the sediment (with compaction generally increasing with depth of burial), on the packing arrangement and shape of grains, on the amount of cementation, and on the degree of ).

In a rock these general properties are determined by averaging the relative properties and sometimes orientations of the various grains or crystals.

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