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which features an in-depth story of a single mother’s journey to find love again.We sat down with Paul Brunson, matchmaker and host of the new show and we literally felt all the feels hearing Paul describe his experience while filming this show.Men will often come to me and say that they’re looking for a woman who will truly want a committed relationship – well let me tell you, most single mothers are the most committed individuals you’ll find.Therefore, it was even more important for us to tell this story. You won’t see any individuals looking to become reality TV star famous.She has been living a peaceful, anonymous life somewhere in Italy.

Paul: Most people believe that they have high standards. All you have to do is look at the people they surround themselves with. If you surround yourself with people who don’t support or value your needs, you’re not going to live the life you want.You can watch the pilot of Paul: It’s really unique in that it was filmed over the course of an entire year, making it the longest filmed dating show in the history of television.Most dating shows are shot in short bursts, so for example; if a couple was to go on a date, they would have an hour or so on the date before the producer would cut it for the take.A whole new future lies ahead for this team when they agree to work together as an elite black-ops task force.The thrilling, heart-stopping adventures continue April 26 at 10/9c.

If you join Match telling yourself it is not going to work out and you aren’t going to meet anyone, then it’s NOT. Surround yourself with positive people and content, and you’ll find the life you’ve dreamed of!

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