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Bronner’s, you can put your bathwater to good use, nourishing your garden and yard plants.And a diluted soapy solution may even be a natural way to ward off aphids. Privacy and drainage are the most important factors to consider when choosing a location for your bathtub.Right now, let’s start with this: Unfortunately Mimi is now SOLD OUT of Nude Dip.If you are interested in anything else, feel free to call her at the Sarasota Saks Fifth Avenue at (941) 364-5314. For most adults, however, the idea of stripping down au naturel for a backyard frolic might sound too childlike, even potentially illegal. What’s more, installing an outdoor bathtub can turn the duty of bathing into a stimulating and sensory event.If fun isn’t enough, consider doing it to save the planet.

For example: if your bricks are 3 inches thick, you’ll need to dig 11 inches total.

If you have a large garden area with sandy, naturally draining soil, connect the tub drain to your garden with pipe, available at any hardware store.

But if the space for your drainage field is more limited, you may want to install a French drain.

Right now your best bet is bricks and mortar stores, as online availability is spotty at best (and who really wants to stalk websites all day? The purpose of this post is to share locations that have the eye color quad either in stock or are waiting on a delivery.

I will continue to update and add more shopping options as I confirm them (and feel free to add any availability you know of in the comments below).

The objective is to truly relax, and to do so in your birthday suit, you need to know that you and your rubber ducky won’t show up on You Tube in the morning.

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