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The islands' farming and fishing industries were destroyed and they began to rely on foreign imports of foods like rice and sugar, they said In the U. and Saudi Arabia, 33 per cent of the population is obese, with the UK and Australia not far behind with 27 per cent of the population dangerously fat. She says the levels of sugar consumed in Western nations like the U. Panama (pictured in orange) has an obesity rate of 25 per cent.

Nutritionists warn obesity-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes are now the world's biggest killers Professor Stanley Ulijaszek, of the University of Oxford, said: ‘Previous attempts to explain the disproportionately high rates of obesity in these and other island nations have tended to focus on the geographical isolation of islands and the risk of food shortages. Comparably, in Honduras (pictured in green), 18 per cent of the population is obese There is a range of obesity rates across central America.

In Argentina (pictured in orange), 30 per cent of the population is obese, which is almost as high as rates in the U. Ethiopia (pictured in the east, in turquoise) was the country with the lowest level of obesity, at just over one per cent.

Experts said there are high levels of poverty in Africa.

Every house that uses an oil or gas furnace can switch to a solar heat pump, combined with greatly increased insulation to keep the heat in.

A solar heat pump is more commonly known as an air-source heat pump, but since it’s the sun that provides the heat, why not call it what it is?

The Pacific Islands, east of Australia, are the countries with the largest percentage of their population reported as obese.

Technical possibility is one thing: but how to turn it into reality?

People are notoriously reluctant to turn their lives upside down for a home retrofit unless there is an important driver, such as a failed system.

Nauru and the Cook Islands, also found in the South Pacific Ocean, come in second and third places with 71 per cent and 63 per cent of the population obese One theory is that the Pacific Islanders are genetically pre-disposed to become obese.

However, Oxford University researchers say food preparation and cooking habits brought in by Western nations are to blame. Nutritionist Katrina Mather says highly processed, sugar-rich convenience foods and drinks are to blame for high obesity, and the chronic disease it causes. She said: 'Sugar is addictive, leading to food craving and overeating - combined with the fact that highly processed foods are devoid of nutrients and as a result don't satisfy hunger' There is a range of obesity rates across central America.

One approach is district heat piped in from a central installation, sourced from industrial waste heat, water or ground-source heat pumps, biogas from composting, or the incineration of biomass.

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