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Palace technicians do have some parental controls installed, but it is up to you to make sure Your children don't venture into the adult forums. If want to fully participate in Palace, it may be necessary to acquire a registration code, add it in the Open Palace program you are using ,and fully travel around Palace, and enjoy the Palace experience.You may get your free registration code in the links listing near the top left of this page, or here: For those who have visual difficulties, Palace Chat4 also has text to voice capabilities !Mobile web chat for USA AND UK So don't worry if you are mobile, you can now connect with friends on the go, use your phone or mobile device to get friends on the go, enter to the main channel and have fun with them..No longer you need to download an application for you Mobile device, since you are using your phone to see this website you will also just need that to connect to the mobile chat..It is My role play character and avatar within the Gorean Realm of Palace.Palace Chat is one of the Elders of the Online chat communities.Ask someone in the chat you visit to show you how to save and wear avatars with "Open Palace" I hope you enjoy your visit, and come to visit us often. First I would like to introduce Myself, I am Thandar Arrius City Administrator of the Gorean Homestone Isle of Anango, and an Elite Tech/Builder.

The site features include a group chat room, private messaging system, instant messenger, photo albums, vides albums, virtual gifts, flirts and advanced search features.

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We of the GCP are not responsible for any material found on these sites.

I hope You all find in Palace many adventures, and personal growth, that I Myself have.

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