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That relationship does not have to be a love match. Some scientists and psychologists believe that flirting is a primal, instinctual reaction that comes from deep within the brain.In fact, friends are just as likely to flirt with each other as two romantically interested partners. This emotional reaction is a demonstrable part of human social nature.Flirting also opens a door to communication between two people that may not have been present otherwise.Whether you accept that flirting is a primal part of being human or whether it is just another facet of human communication, most people flirt because it is fun.Flirting includes you and brings you into situations to which you might not otherwise have access.Imagine, walking into a room and one of the guys grins at you, and asks a question loud enough that you hear it while he is looking at you.Full body gazes begin with an extended gaze, are followed up by a longer look over the mouth, down the body and back up to the eyes.

Think about that the next time you worry that you have nothing to say, because a question is a great conversation starter and it advertises that you are open and ready to chat.

When you smile at someone, your eyes light up, your expression becomes more open and you make someone else feel good.

It is not unusual to crave that "good feeling" associated with how someone else flirts with you.

The combination of eye contact and verbal gesture is inclusive and that inclusion makes you feel good not only about him, but also about yourself.

If you are not sure if you're a good flirt, you can learn a lot of tips and tricks but you need to remember that flirting is about attitude.

Often described as sparks, kismet or "love at first sight," the long distance eye flirt is seen in movies.

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