10 dating rule

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Women who ooze confidence love life, and they hardly complain about themselves. You have your own path to follow in life just like others.

Your path involves your own experiences; problems you face, what to learn, and how to grow from your own mistakes is all personal.

This will make your body feel tense and your muscles will become tight.

You will keep worrying about what he thinks of you.

When you are dating, never overanalyze every detail.

This will make it hard for you to enjoy dating since you will pay more attention to the details rather than your date. If you feel relaxed and you are having fun with your date, then this is an indication that you both have a connection.

Feeling sorry for yourself will not solve your problems. You will be able to reflect on your personal life, why your relationships are not successful, and how you should change them. Call upon the law of attraction and with your positive energy, you will be prepared to start dating again.

If you do not feel confident to date again, you need to fake it until you feel it. You should avoid comparing yourself to other women.

Avoid wasting your time with men who cannot respect your principles.Dating for women who are in their 30’s and 40’s is different from the women who are in their 20’s.They are intelligent and they have their lives all figured out.Other women may have love paths that are complicated and full of mistrust while yours may be more direct but full of problems.Either way, both destinations lead to relationships. If things do not work out in your relationships, then you should believe it is for the greater good.

When intimacy is involved in the relationship too quickly, you tend to invest too much too soon. Men love a challenge, but this is not to say they like being teased by a woman.

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